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Hiking in Northern Norway

You can hike in Northern Norway from May (in the southernmost point) or June until October. You can climb up the steep mountain sides along the coast and fjords in Nordland and Troms to a mountaintop with views over the sea, mountains, fjords and settlements way down below and you might also see the midnight sun. You will definitely work up a sweat and have sore legs, but there are hikes for all fitness levels. Hiking trails on the wild Finnmark coast are actually some of the easiest ones, with a moderate incline and soft heather underfoot. The views of the blue mountain plateaus, the sheer coastline and open seas are outstanding. If you want to hike in Svalbard, you need a rifle and the ability to shoot due to the risk from polar bears. If not, you can go on an organised tour; there are lots of day trips and expedition-type hikes. Those who are experienced will naturally choose to walk the Finnmarksvidda Plateau or along the Kjølen Mountains, the mountains on the border with Finland and Sweden. You must bring a tent and a sleeping bag and be able to find your way using a map and a compass. At the other end of the scale, there are lots of marked hiking trails that include many cultural monuments. These walks are easy and interesting and can be combined with any of the other activities and holiday experiences. 

Hiking in Northern Norway

Fantastic views over the sea and mountains from a mountaintop, undisturbed wilderness along the Kjølen Mountains, panoramic trips along the Finnmark coast and cultural paths...  Read more

Five mountain hikes in Northern Norway

Mountain hikes in Northern Norway vary from easy rambles to endurance tests, with amazing views even on short hikes. These are some of our favourites, but you are guaranteed g  Read more

Knivskjelodden — northernmost north

Knivskjelodden extends a mile further north than North Cape. Getting there on foot involves a long hike, but the terrain is not challenging or difficult in any way. For any ab  Read more

Varntresk - a heavenly affair

A city of sleighs on the ice, freshly caught char and smelly, fermentet trout, home made goat's cheese and free access to untouched scenery. Varntresk in Northern Norway's rem  Read more

The Queen's Route - a coastal hiking trail

Linking two of the most picturesque fishing villages, the Queen's Route in Vesterålen passes through a magnificent deserted landscape at the outer tip of Vesterålen, looking...  Read more

Slettnes – cultural landscape by the Arctic Ocean

Nature is slowly reclaiming the abandoned villages around Slettnes Lighthouse in Finnmark. The 'Footprints in the North' trail in the Slettnes Wildlife and Cultural Heritage s  Read more

Walk to Finnkirka

The Finnkirka sea cliffs at the entrance to Kjøllefjord are a coastal landmark. Yet if you go on foot from Kjøllefjord out to the cliffs, they look very different. Join a...  Read more

Møysalen - endless views across North Norway

From the summit of the 1262 m (4140 ft) high Møysalen, you can see all the way from Sweden to the Atlantic Ocean, from Bodø to Senja. Something this beautiful does not come...  Read more

Peak tour on Møysalen

What is the most beautiful natural attraction in Norway? The readers of the outdoor magazine UTE have voted Møysalen in Vesterålen the most attractive mountain tour.  Read more

Across the mountains to Skjøtningberg

Skjøtningberg is a remote fishing village on the Nordkyn peninsula. If you walk 10 km (6 miles) over the mountains from Kjøllefjord, you will reach an arctic coastal...  Read more

At Oksskolten – the roof of Northern Norway

At a height of 1,916 metres (6,286 feet), Oksskolten is the highest mountain in Northern Norway. It takes between 10 and 12 hours to get up and down, and the reward is the vie  Read more

Okstindan - 11 summits and one major glacier

Okstindan is a wild and dramatic mountain area that contains Northern Norway's highest summits, a landscape of glaciers and the coolest hikers' cabin in the country. This is a  Read more

Gorsa Bridge – Thrilling architecture for walkers

A slim, elegant aluminium bridge spanning one of the deepest ravines in Northern Europe has opened up new vistas in the Kåfjorddalen valley, binding together existing paths...  Read more

Rallarveien - "The Navvy Trail" - scenery, history, passion"

Imagine an easy ramble through a magnificent, untouched landscape of mountains, dales and waterfalls. Add a large helping of cultural history and a melodrama of unhappy love,  Read more

Austervatn — hiking and canoeing

Wild, untouched nature, forest and remarkable, polished mountains far from the crowds; this is Austervatn in Salten. Yet getting here by foot and canoe is surprisingly easy an  Read more
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