Summer in the timeless society

In Northern Norway you can try living without time, thanks to the Midnight Sun and our endless summer nights. North of the Arctic Circle the summer day lasts for weeks and months. More daylight and time to whatever you like to do outdoors: Midnight hiking, relaxing, being together or enjoying the never-setting-sun over the endless horizons?

Are you longing for a real Summer dream?

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and the Midnight Sun is shining. It makes both locals and visitors happy, energetic and light-hearted. Come along and enjoy the atmosphere. Summertime is at it’s most vibrant along our beautiful coastline, especially out in the archipelago of Northern Norway. This is where you get both vitamin Sea and D at the same time – in the middle of the night!

Join the Timeless Society!

Do you want to try living without time? Inga, Andreas, and Rowan know all about how wonderful life can be under the midnight sun. They would like to invite you to join them to try something north of the ordinary this summer at Visit Norway.

More time to be together

With sun 24/7, you will have a lot more time to share with good company. Summer activities with friends and family is truly high-quality time, and here you simply have a lot more time for it.

More time to be active

With nature as your playground, Northern Norway offers a variety of possibilities. Easy, calmfull activities to extreme, adrenaline sports. Take a calm kayak trip in clear blue water, hear the soft waves and get mesmerized by the golden reflections in the water. A trip to remember!

Or, hike in beautiful green scenery, in the length of your choosing, and smell the clean forrest with a diversity of flowers. If you don’t want to wander off-track, discover one of the many sherpa stairs in Northern Norway, often going straight from the cities and up to great viewpoints.

More time to climb mountains

Norway is the land of fjords and amazing mountains. If you want a more challenging experience – hike the many mountains on the coastline. From sea to summit, it truly offers the most amazing views!

Always do proper research before going on a mountain hike, check the weather, the length of the trip and be prepared for the most enjoyable hike.

More time to enjoy fresh seafood

With the long coastline, many waters and a long history of fishing – Northern Norway is where you can find pure and rich fishing waters. Either you want to go fishing yourself, and try your luck in the salt sea or in the fresh water rivers, or if you prefer to let someone else secure dinner for you – local, fresh fish should be easy to find.

HAILL – the secret trick for good luck

Believe it or not! According to an old local myth, sex might actually give you good fishing luck. And who knows, it might help with other 24/7-activities in the north you need a bit of luck to experience, too! Learn how to get HAILL – the secret trick for good luck.

More time to explore the coast

The coast is the nerve of the Norwegian history and lifestyle. With thousands of islands, small communities and old fishing history, there is a lot to be discovered. Island hopping, or total relaxation in one place. White beaches with turquoise waters is also the ultimate place to rest.

More time to enjoy the day

With never-ending days, it’s safe to say that you will have more time to enjoy it. When the light is on its most beautiful during the night hours, it’s easy to get energetic by all the light and all the possibilities.

Summer madness 24/7

Visit Northern Norway and get in to the full summer madness of joyful experiences 🙂