The oldest image of a skier in the world is from Rødøy on Helgeland. The first skiing competition in the world took place in Tromsø in 1843. Nowhere else in the world is the landscape better suited to skiing than in Northern Norway.

Sundays on the slopes

Even minor destinations in Northern Norway have finely prepared illuminated slopes so you can take some exercise even after darkness falls. As the days start to lengthen in February, you can start to ski a little higher on the mountains, and you can head off on longer skiing trips. If you stick to these runs, you are safe from avalanches, and there are always plenty of people around to help if you run into difficulties.

From cabin to cabin

On the Finnmark plateau, and along Kjølen all the way to Børgefjell National Park, there are a number of cabins and mountain lodges. Experienced skiers with good equipment head off on long trips from cabin to cabin in the light days of late winter. However, you must have very good equipment and years of skiing experience before attempting a trip like this.

Organised trips

There are a number of organised trips north for small groups to visit particularly inaccessible areas. If you want to see Svalbard, we recommend joining an organised trip on account of the polar bear hazard.

Skiing holidays

In many places in Northern Norway – particularly on the Finnmark Plateau and along Kjølen to the south – there are good accommodation options in the mountains. Hotels, campsites, lodges and cabins can all serve as a base for day-long excursions in the area – and this is a very family-friendly way to go skiing.

Skiing season

From the time when the snow starts to fall in November until January, the days are short in the north so we recommend that you limit yourself to short trips – and stick to the illuminated runs. The days start to lengthen in February, and even though the midday sun is delightfully warm in April, the skiing conditions are still great. The keenest skiers even go skiing in the mountains to celebrate the 17 May public holiday in Norway (Norwegian Constitution Day).