Life-giving light, good weather, long days and still plenty of snow; from the spring equinox to the end of April, winter in Northern Norway is beautiful and sunny. Here are some tips for enjoying the bright northern winter.

Get outside

The bright winter is about being outside; the days are long and the chances of good weather are better than the rest of the year. Here we have put together a small selection of special tours that together define late winter in Northern Norway. Some trips go out to sea, others go to the snowy mountains and one even goes under the ice. Some are for everyone, while others require experience and skills. Of course, there are many other tours as well; we are just trying to provide some ideas from all over Northern Norway.

12 ideas for the bright winter: 

  1. Alpine Touring in Børgefjell: A guided, full-day tour that takes you into the vast Børgefjell National Park and up the 1699 metre (5574 feet) high Golvertind mountain. Read more.
  2. Summit week in Lyngen: A full week of skiing in Lyngen — in the Lyngen Alps, on the opposite side of the fjord and out on the islands. Read more. 
  3. Reindeer migration in Finnmark: In the spring, the reindeer move from the mountains to the coast of Finnmark, and reindeer herders work day and night to make sure it goes smoothly. Help with the work and become a reindeer herder too. Read more
  4. Lofoten fishery: Come out to Lofoten and experience the world's largest cod fishery, and then enjoy cod, liver and roe. Read more.  
  5. Ice caves on Svalbard takes you through melt water channels in the ice. Crawl into a hole in the glacier, then slide down into a world of caves, icicles and strange formations. Read more.   
  6. Tough downhill skiing in Narvik: Northern Scandinavia's largest vertical drop takes you from the mountaintop down to the fjord. In April, conditions are just perfect, and you can ski well into the evening. Read more
  7. Sailing in Tromsø: On bright days, the trip goes out to the fjords, inlets and islands close to Tromsø, with 1200-metre (4000 feet) high mountains all around. Read more.  
  8. Follow the snow plough to the North Cape: The trip to Europe's most northerly point is by bus, with the snow plough in front. In this way, you reach this famous tourist destination without so many fellow visitors, and the feeling that you have reached the end of the world is stronger than ever. Read more
  9. Visit a Sami tent in Vesterålen: Inga Sami Siida welcomes guests in her lavvo at Sortland in Vesterålen. Venison, coffee made on an open fire and one of the best Sami chanters in the Sami Homelands; this visit goes to the roots of Sami culture. Read more.  
  10. RiB tour to Saltstraumen: The world's strongest ocean current, Saltstraumen, gives four performances a day. The best way to reach the seething eddies is by RiB from Bodø. Read more
  11. Bird experience in eastern Finnmark: Starting in March, sea birds fill up the nesting cliffs along the coast. Take the boat from Vardø to Hornøya, Norway's easternmost point and one of the largest sea bird colonies along the coast. Read more.  
  12. Husky tour in three countries: Dog runs covering great distances take place in the border regions between Norway, Sweden and Finland. The Innset Husky farm in Bardu runs numerous expeditions in the spring snow throughout April. Read more.