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Winter and snow, fishing and the Northern Lights

The sun has returned to all of Northern Norway, and day by day she reclaims more power and time. The snow cover along the coast lies several feet thick, whereas temperatures drop to the lowest they will be all year further inland. Brighter days bring on more skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice fishing and snowmobile riding. Right now, fishermen land incredible cod catches in the Lofoten seasonal fishery, a traditional fishery that has been going on for a thousand years. The undisputed queen of the night, however, is the aurora borealis, spellbinding onlookers with her feathery dance.

Northern Lights; magic on the night sky!

A light-footed dance, billowing curtains, arches and ribbons in a supernatural green colour. On occasion, the sky explodes into a kaleidoscope of green, white, pink and violet  Read more

Let's be social

Do you like, do you tweet, do you pin or are you on Insta?  Read more

Take the perfect picture of the Northern Lights

There is nothing quite as photogenic as the Northern Lights, and yet those captivating green rays can be so difficult to capture. However, with a reasonable camera, taking mag  Read more

12 Northern Light ideas

Which Northern Lights trip is best? We couldn’t possibly say. What is great for Peter is a nightmare for Paul. But what we can say is that Northern Lights experiences are...  Read more

Winter in Northern Norway: The Arctic at its mildest!

Fifty degrees below zero? Storms that blow the roofs off the houses? Two metres (six feet) of snow in the middle of town? This is the sort of thing that happens in winter time  Read more

Winter festivals in Northern Norway

Winter in Northern Norway is a time for festivals, ranging from intimate indoor concerts to challenging outdoor competitions.  Read more

Five ways of learning more about Sami culture in the winter

In order to truly understand Northern Norway, you must visit the Sami. If you come in the winter, you can visit a lavvu, drive a reindeer sled, help out with the reindeer herd  Read more

Snowmobile safari

Fast, fun and set in beautiful locations – possibly in combination with ice fishing or a trip to see the Northern Lights. Treat yourself to a trip on Snow Mobile in Northern...  Read more

Dog sledding

Dog sled racing through the landscapes of Northern Norway is an Arctic version of Formula 1 – and it is as much fun for the dogs as it is for you.  Read more

Freestyle / Off-piste skiing

Ski down a 1000 metre mountain from top to bottom, enjoy the fantastic powder snow and the magnificent view out over sea and mountain. Lofoten and Lyngen are the most famous f  Read more
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