Camping sites are not just for tents. There are areas for motorcaravans and caravans, and cabins of various standards.


There are camping sites everywhere you go in Northern Norway, but one thing they have in common is a location near water, with a wide variety of activities both on the site itself and beyond. Children love camping sites as there is generally a lot to do and they can meet other children.


Once you have set up your tent, you can then use the shared facilities for showering, doing laundry and making food.

Campers and caravans

Campers and caravans can rent a space at a camping site for a fee. This generally provides you with an electricity hook-up, the facility to empty holding tanks, and access to showers and the laundry room. In addition, the camping sites are generally very social places and the children get to play with other children.

Camping cabins

Camping cabins vary in standard from basic, inexpensive cabins which are only suited to summer use to larger cabins with shower, kitchen and multiple bedrooms. You often find several generations of cabins at a single camping site.