There is basic overnight accommodation for mountain hikers in the mountains of Northern Norway. No one is turned away here, and if all the beds are taken, the rest get to sleep on the floor.

Trekking Association cabins

The Norwegian Trekking Association, DNT, operates a number of huts in mountain areas across all of Northern Norway. Few of the huts are manned, and you generally need to fetch the key in advance. You will need to be a member of the Norwegian Trekking Association in order to stay overnight, but that is easily arranged. The various huts are usually locked, and can be opened with a standard key obtainable from the DNT. You leave a fixed sum of money behind, covering woodfire etc. 

Mountain lodges

Along the old trails of the Finnmarksvidda plateau lie a series of mountain lodges about 30 km apart, which is roughly equivalent to one day’s trekking. Some of these mountain lodges are still receiving guests, and they are of a somewhat higher standard than the Trekking Association’s cabins, with full-time hosts, kitchens and various activities.