Under the Arctic Circle you find the warmest, the greenest, the southernmost and the mildest region of Northern Norway. Rich cultural heritage of Vikings and poetry – all in a fabulous landscape of sculptured mountains and a myriad islands.

An abundance of islands and fairy-tale mountains

Tens of thousands of islands, islets and skerries, some many miles out to sea, are home to birds, seals and coastal dwellers. Rising high above the multitude of low-lying islands are the many mountains, whose extraordinary formations have inspired both sagas and fairy tales

Forests and border mountains

Inland, a fertile, subarctic rainforest grows: broad-leaved woodlands on south-facing mountainsides and deep pine forests with salmon rivers and lakes. Innermost lie the border mountains, endless plateaus, the Børgefjell national park and the 1,900-metre-high peaks of Okstindan.

Poetry, fairytales and history

The poet-priest Petter Dass and the Viking skald Øyvind Skaldespiller, three medieval churches in idyllic locations, the trading posts out on the islands, the “down villages” where eider ducks and humans cohabitate for mutual benefit and enjoyment – Helgeland has a visible history.

5 popular sights

  • The Vega Archipelago, world heritage site consisting of small islands and traditional coastal culture 
  • The Medieval Churches and the Petter Dass monument at Alstahaug 
  • Grønligrotta cave near Mo i Rana
  • Torghatten, the mountain with a hole right through 
  • Sjøgata in Mosjøen, a well-preserved wooden-house district from the 19th century

3 popular summer activities in Helgeland 

3 popular autumn/winter activities in Helgeland 

  • Off-piste skiing in inland areas 
  • Autumn bird hunting 
  • RIB trips in winter weather

5 Helgeland secrets

  • The Træna Festival gathers young people together to rock out in Helgeland’s outermost coastal community 
  • 14 April is when the Puffins return to Lovund. Every year! 
  • A 4,000-year-old rock carving on Rødøy depicts the world’s oldest skier 
  • The Arctic Circle crosses the northernmost part of Helgeland 
  • Helgeland has its own Sami language, Southern Sami, in the mountain communities

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