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Mountain hike to Musvannet

Distance: 9km there and back.
Estimated time to the top: 1 hour 15 minutes
Suitable for: Most people. Good jogging trail.
Start and finish: Folkeparken.
Folkeparken is situated approx 5 minutes from the city centre. Drive past and at the back of the hospital and to the large car park at the end of the road.
Necessary equipment: None.
Map: Walking map of Harstad (1:30 000)
Marked trail: Partly signposted only.
Drinking water: After about 2km.
Route description: Take the gravelled road straight on and past Grunnvannet. At the crossroad at end of Grunnvannet, continue straight on along the gravelled road (sloping down and a little to the left). The road is called Fjellveien. Follow the road down and then up to a crossroad, where it is signposted to Musvannet. There is a “gapahuk” (rustic shelter) with a fireplace at Musvannet.


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