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Towns and Villages with Character

Tromsø – 24-hour summer madness

As it never gets dark in Tromsø in the summer, you get twice as much for your money. The Midnight Sun gives you extra energy for exploring the city, enjoying the nightlife,...  Read more

A wander round Røst

With many times more seabirds than people and a lucrative export trade in dried fish, Røst, the outermost island in Norway, is full of surprises.  Read more

Sjøgata in Mosjøen - a living history book

Sjøgata in Mosjøen is a street of historic, 19th century wooden buildings. The colourful houses are a delight for the camera lens, with shops, artists’ workshops and a local...  Read more

Narvik – a wild summer drama

Take a boat, train or helicopter tour around one of Norway’s wildest and most rugged fjords that looks back on some of World War II’s most dramatic history, and return on...  Read more


The tiny island community of Støtt, with 35 inhabitants, offers gourmet food in historic surroundings, and accommodation in old beds under down duvets. Støtt has always been...  Read more

Bolga – island idyll in the archipelago

The island community of Bolga, northern Helgeland, is a vibrant coastal community with 100 inhabitants. This is a place where you can live well, eat well, canoe in the archipe  Read more

Wonderful Summer Bodø

Fresh, colourful Bodø is a hospitable and entertaining place with plenty to see and do. The town makes an excellent starting point from which to see some of the most...  Read more

Engeløya — Vikings, lilies and romance

Travel through the ages on the island of Engeløya in Steigen, via a huge burial mound, unusual Iron Age military site, imposing stone church or towering memorial stone. Or...  Read more

All about Summer-Alta

6,000 rock carvings, riverboat trips up to the mighty canyon in Sautso, the dramatic story of the sinking of the Tirpitz: Alta offers some unique impressions. Golf, summer dog  Read more

The historical centre of Tromsø

The centre of Tromsø features the largest collection of historical wooden houses north of Trondheim, and is home to one of the most important concentrations of Empire houses...  Read more

The world’s most northerly summer city

An urban surprise along a barren, mostly uninhabited coast, Hammerfest has summer atmosphere by the bucketful.  Read more

Kirkenes - a borderline case

Kirkenes is about as far east as Alexandria and Istanbul. You easily notice the closeness to both Finland and Russia, in language, food, traditions and the blissful, warm cont  Read more

Pre-Christmas fun in Henningsvær

Explore Henningsvær by blue kick-sled, with art, culture and Christmas shopping on the menu ‒ amidst the spectacular Lofoten Islands in their winter white.  Read more

Sommarøy Island - an island for all seasons

With beaches reminiscent of the Riviera, fantastic views and vibrant fishing villages, Sommarøy is a fine getaway destination from Tromsø, and makes for a great stop-off...  Read more

Christmas atmosphere in Mosjøen!

In Sjøgata, Mosjøen’s old quarter, there’s a warm yuletide atmosphere throughout December, with 25 twinkling illuminated trees and all the sounds, smells and tastes of a...  Read more
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