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Challenging Summer Activities

Bungee jumping in the Kåfjord valley

Jumping from a height of 153 metres (501 feet) into the gorge of the Kåfjord valley guarantees a surge of adrenaline and a natural experience that is definitely out of the...  Read more

Glacier hikes on Svartisen

If you want a challenge, albeit within safe limits, we recommend a trip to the Engenbreen glacier, from where you can look down at the green water of Holandsfjord and up at He  Read more

Caves and ice caves

The biggest caves in Norway are concentrated in a small area in Salten and on Helgeland. Or what about ice-caving on Svalbard?  Read more

Caving tours in Harstad

Inland from Harstad there are several caves. Fred Åge Hol takes visitors on caving trips, where the choice is between an easy cave for beginners and a more challenging one...  Read more

Guided tour to Mount Stetind

Mount Stetind in Nordland has been voted Norway’s national mountain. Why not try a guided tour to the summit, 1392 metres above sea level.  Read more

Diving in clear water

Northern Norway is just as beautiful from below. Come along and discover the delights concealed beneath the waves in Northern Norway.  Read more
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