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The Struve Geodetic Arc

The meridian column on Fuglenes in Hammerfest is a modest monument to one of the biggest scientific tasks in the world: that of measuring the planet itself. It marks the start  Read more

Visit the Vega Island world heritage area

The islands around Vega were awarded world heritage status by UNESCO in 2004. Here, “bird guardians” have set up a unique partnership with the eider birds. And now you have...  Read more

Rock carvings in Alta

Around 6,000 depictions that are up to 7,000 years old are to be found all around Alta Fjord: fishing scenes, bear hunts, animals, geometric figures and portraits of people. T  Read more

Eider Duck Islands

Humans and eider ducks have a mutually dependent relationship in the eider “farms” of the Vega Islands. Humans offer protection and are rewarded with soft, fluffy eider...  Read more

Boat to the Vega World Heritage Islands

6,500 islands, old coastal culture, eider duck “farms”, a teeming bird life and exciting history; the cruises to the World Heritage area in the Vega Archipelago are an...  Read more

On two wheels on Vega

Lush fields, woods, steep mountains, scenic walks, a rich heritage, gourmet food, 11 orchid varieties and tempting lefse: a cycle tour of Vega speaks to all the senses.  Read more
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