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Seasons - the Northern Norwegian Year

Summer turns to autumn

In August and September, we reluctantly bid farewell to summer, while looking forward to the juicy berries and flaming colours of autumn. And the longer nights provide a stage  Read more

The Northern Lights in Autumn

When the autumn darkness starts to close in, the Aurora cautiously begins to stir. Your best chances of seeing the Northern Lights are any time after the equinox. See the Nort  Read more

Autumn temptations in Northern Norway

Berries from forests and mountains, turnips, lamb, grouse and reindeer, large coal fish and halibut; autumn in the north is a fruitful time with delicious temptations  Read more

“Kos” during the blue period

When the evenings are particularly dark, evening “kos” becomes extra special. Adding a little North Norwegian food and drink will make it an even more unforgettable...  Read more

Midnight Sun - light all night!

It’s one o’clock in the morning, and the sun’s still shining? North of the Arctic Circle the summer day lasts for weeks and months, and makes both locals and visitors happy,...  Read more

Five ways of learning more about Sami culture in the winter

In order to truly understand Northern Norway, you must visit the Sami. If you come in the winter, you can visit a lavvu, drive a reindeer sled, help out with the reindeer herd  Read more

Winter festivals in Northern Norway

Winter in Northern Norway is a time for festivals, ranging from intimate indoor concerts to challenging outdoor competitions.  Read more

Winter in Northern Norway: The Arctic at its mildest!

Fifty degrees below zero? Storms that blow the roofs off the houses? Two metres (six feet) of snow in the middle of town? This is the sort of thing that happens in winter time  Read more

12 Northern Light ideas

Which Northern Lights trip is best? We couldn’t possibly say. What is great for Peter is a nightmare for Paul. But what we can say is that Northern Lights experiences are...  Read more

The Polar Night – a time of colour

Imagine nights that last 20 hours, and weeks without seeing the sun. That is real life in large areas of Northern Norway. And just imagine, many people who live in the north t  Read more

Winter food in Northern Norway

Winter is the time when you should be eating fish and shellfish in Northern Norway. That’s when they are at their firmest and tastiest. Some of the specialities are highly...  Read more

Five festivals to brighten a dim autumn da

Autumn is the perfect time for culture and festivals. It is a time for challenging our minds and enjoying a good, lively discussion afterwards  Read more

Bright winter puts a spring in your step

Sun from a clear blue sky, bright evenings, full snow coverage, temperatures above freezing during the day; the bright winter is a great time to be outdoors. If you ignore the  Read more

12 tips for the bright northern winter

Life-giving light, good weather, long days and still plenty of snow; from the spring equinox to the end of April, winter in Northern Norway is beautiful and sunny. Here are so  Read more

The Lofoten Fishery

The world's richest cod-fishing takes place every winter in Lofoten. For nearly 1000 years, dried fish has been exported to Europe from here.  Read more
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