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Norway is just a scenic drive away from Finland. Combine beach life, fun nature activities, a rich cultural heritage and tasty food at some our beautiful places.

Northern Norway is about beautiful coastlines, sandy beaches, fjords, fishing villages, mountains and scenery. The wide horizons of the Varanger fjord, with its Finnish-Kven heritage, the North Cape at the end of Europe, the world’s northernmost city, Hammerfest, the drama of the Lyngen Alps, the cliff coast of Senja Island, the Gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø and the historic and cultural hub of Harstad all away you just across the borders from Kilpisjärvi, Karigasniemi, Utsjoki or Näätämö.

Varanger is close to Finland

Tromsø is the Arctic capital

Tromsø is the biggest city in the north, and enjoys a fantastic location amid mountains and fjords. A colourful historic centre, interesting attractions and a lively restaurant- and nightlife scene add to the charms of Tromsø.

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